About Us

20180714_16003020180502_174103According to the National Fire Protection Association:

“Almost two-thirds of home fire deaths, result from fires in homes without properly working smoke detectors.”

My name is Chris Browder, owner of Smoke Detector Services LLC. I’m a Professional Firefighter and retired U.S. Air Force veteran. My wife and I created this business because, in my 26 years as a Firefighter, I’ve seen the devastating results of fires. Catastrophic events, such as residential fires, leave one’s whole family broken and grasping for answers. Too many times I’ve entered homes for routine, unrelated emergencies and observed the smoke detectors damaged, missing, and in some instances dangling from the ceiling. According to the National Fire Protection Association, over half of the deaths associated to fires occur in homes without working smoke alarms, mainly due to missing or dead batteries. Through the eyes of my professional experience, people DO NOT maintain their smoke alarms properly, because they do not understand the annual upkeep and maintenance of these detection systems. Americans today are busy with work and family and don’t take the time to appropriately maintain their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. A recent survey found one out of four older U.S. homes needed updated fire safety equipment. That math equates to 17 million homes with outdated smoke alarms. Smoke Detector Services is dedicated to providing our customers a safe home by ensuring their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are properly installed and maintained.  Please don’t hesitate to call; you and your family’s life could depend on it.

Smoke Detector Services is equipped to provide you with the latest in residential fire safety, no matter how old your home is.  Do you own a home that was built before hardwired smoke alarms were required in new home construction?  SDS can resolve this lack of life safety warning and install Wire-Free Interconnected Intelligent Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms that provide your family the benefits of hardwired, battery backed-up interconnected alarms.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration and the Hartford Insurance Company, St. Louis ranks 7th in the top 100 cities with the highest risk of fireimagejpeg_0

Smoke Detector Services is fully Insured and Bonded 

Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

We not only maintain your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for you, at SDS we take the extra time to explain how the smoke alarms operate and will educate you and your family on proper fire safety.  If additional equipment is necessary we are equipped to handle all smoke detector services.

Upon our initial visit we will do a walk through of your home, taking a physical count of each detector along with their placement.  I will remove the smoke alarm, carefully inspect it ensuring the equipment is within the manufacturers service life requirement.  I will clean the detector, replace the battery, reinstall it and carefully synchronize each detector making sure the detectors are “talking” to each other.  It’s important to make sure every detector is interconnected so when one smoke alarm detects a hazard, it will send an electrical signal to every smoke or carbon monoxide alarm on that dedicated circuit, triggering every alarm in your home alerting your family to evacuate.

Visit our “Services” tab to learn more about we what offer and how we can protect your Family and your biggest investment- your Home!

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